PPE Research: Book Symposium on Minimal Morality

The journal Analytic Philosophy featured a book symposium on Michael Moehler’s Minimal Morality: A Multilevel Social Contract Theory (Oxford University Press, 2018):

D’Agostino, Fred, “Pluralism, Prudence, and Political Theory: Comments on Minimal Morality by Michael MoehlerAnalytic Philosophy 61 (2020): 37-45

Thrasher, John, “On Minimal Morality,” Analytic Philosophy 61 (2020): 46-56

Morris, Christopher W., “Morality’s Many Parts: Symposium on Michael Moehler’s Minimal Morality,” Analytic Philosophy 61 (2020): 57-69

Vanderschraaf, Peter, “Stability Challenges for Moehler’s Second-Level Social Contract,” Analytic Philosophy 61 (2020): 70-86

Moehler, Michael, “Minimal Morality, Bargaining Power, and Moral Constraint: Replies to D’Agostino, Thrasher, Morris, and Vanderschraaf,” Analytic Philosophy 61 (2020): 87-100