PPE Club: Interest Meeting

The PPE Club at Virginia Tech will organize an Interest Meeting on February 4, 2020, from 6-7pm in the Architecture Annex, Room 109. The club is open to all majors. There will be free pizza and soft drinks!

For more information about the PPE Club, please see here.

PPE Club at Virginia Tech Recognized as Local Chapter of the PPE Society

Under the guidance of Davis Rosser (President), the PPE Club at Virginia Tech was recognized as an official Chapter of the international Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Society.

The PPE Society’s mission is “to encourage the interaction and cross-fertilization of three intellectual disciplines that are, in their history, deeply intertwined and that now, and going forward, have much to offer one another.”

Each year, the PPE Society organizes a host of PPE-related events, including the annual PPE Society Meeting. Being a Local Chapter of the PPE Society provides the PPE Club at Virginia Tech with access to a network of peers at other universities to collaborate and consult.

Congratulations to our PPE Club!

PPE Club: Gobblerfest 2019

The PPE Club at Virginia Tech successfully participated at this year’s Gobblerfest.

Gobblerfest was conceived in 2008 as a festival welcoming people to the Blacksburg community. Since then the event has become a highlight of the start of the academic year.

More than 100 students visited the PPE Club and Philosophy tables and learned more about PPE at Virginia Tech. Thanks also to all PPE Undergraduate Student Ambassadors, PPE Graduate Teaching Assistants, and PPE Postdoctoral Fellows, who were involved in this event.


PPE Undergraduate Club Launched

The PPE Undergraduate Student Ambassadors are launching a new club at Virginia Tech.

The PPE Club aims to provide a forum for students to use the intellectual tools necessary to understand the big ideas behind our most important social, ethical, political, and economic questions. In doing so, PPE prepares students for careers in law, business, public policy, academia, government, and the tech industry.

The first PPE Club meeting will take place on March 28, 2019, at 6:30pm in 215 Major Williams Hall. Free pizza and soft drinks will be provided. All undergraduate students are welcome to attend!