Public and Private Sectors

Due to its interdisciplinarity, analytical rigor, combination of normative and empirical analyses, and emphasis on the development of transferable skills, the PPE Program prepares students well for a wide variety of careers in the private and public sectors, such as careers in management, marketing, consulting, industry, investment banking, finance, business administration, law, journalism, government, public administration, public policy, think tanks, health care, international affairs, international development, and non-profit organizations.

PPE helped me get my interview, and then my job. Shane Joynes, now employed at Epic Systems Corporation, a top private healthcare software company

PPE was instrumental in strengthening my ability to formulate and present strong arguments, which has served me well in my academic and professional pursuits. Aaron Wilson, now employed at Capital One, a premier bank holding company

PPE allowed me to do in-depth research on topics of my own interest, which was extremely relevant for my career. PPE not only brought together skills and topics from multiple fields of study, but it also pushed me to think critically and from new perspectives. I found the work instrumental to growing the company I joined after graduation. Paul Rice, now employed at Hatch, an entrepreneurship and economic development education company. Owner of NFK Hopper

Graduate School

In addition, the PPE Program prepares students well for academic programs, especially for law school, medical school, business school, and masters and doctoral programs in philosophy, political science, and economics, as well as related social sciences.

The PPE Program allows students to develop valuable transferable skills, such as verbal skills, quantitative skills, and writing skills, that prepare students exceptionally well for some of the most common standardized admission tests for graduate school, such as the GRE, LSAT, and GMAT. Have a look at the following charts from some years back:

GRE Average Scores by Intended Graduate Major



PPE assisted in securing a job and law school for me. Particularly for my job interview, the interviewer questioned me about PPE and I was able to describe how the interdisciplinary degree rounded out my critical thinking and writing skills. Miles Franklin, admitted to the Washington College of Law at the American University




PPE helped me qualify for a variety of different positions and stand out during the interview process. When asked during an interview, I was able to demonstrate how PPE taught me to think beyond simple ideas to provide creative solutions. PPE is a major part of my current success. Anusha Ghosal, now employed at RADinfo Systems, a medical software engineering firm